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Custom Type Design

The styles may change, but exclusive fonts are always in fashion.

TypeTrust offers custom font development with the utmost attention to technical quality, creative originality, and prompt delivery. We have the skills to work in any style, and the experience to work smarter and faster to fit the tightest deadline.

Can't find the perfect typeface to complement your logo? We might have something on the drawing board or in the current library that only needs a bit of personalization.

Do you have some sketches for a new typeface, but have no idea how to make it a font? We love to work collaboratively. So go ahead and hire that calligrapher to ink that gorgeous alphabet. Leave all the pixels and vectors to us.

Font Repair

No typeface is perfect, but some fonts are broken.

Maybe you’ve just inherited a major on-going campaign with that new client, or their brand assets are technologically outdated. If you’re stuck relying on some unreliable fonts, it may be worth your time to have TypeTrust repair the damage.

Our technical expertise can polish the rough edges off that clunky old PostScript font and fit it with Opentype features, add those missing characters for multi-lingual support, and fine-tune all that terrible kerning.

Branding & Identity Consultation

Behind every great brand there’s a great typeface.

While any graphics package may be a mix of color, image, and copy, the right type solution can deliver your message more clearly and creatively than any of those things combined. (Yes, of course we’re totally biased.)

If you agree that the best brands are built on a solid typographic sense, let’s set the foundation of your next project with a strong logo and some thoroughly considered type direction. TypeTrust can help build you a better mansion.