Heroic Condensed by Silas Dilworth, 16 fonts, $30 to $240


Heroic Condensed is a rational, mechanical, narrow grotesque suitable for a range of settings, from movie poster designs to fine-print retail package labeling. Extensive adjustments have been applied to the details of each letterform to achieve consistent color across a versatile range of eight weights.

Heroic Condensed is a balanced fusion of hard geometry and optical balance. Strokes and terminal endings are decided by a subtle framework of vertical measurements, but its curves straddle the divide between rigid precision and warm humanism. The result is a steadfast, lean, and gentle typeface able to convey a broad array of messages.

Published: May 11, 2008

Keywords: headline, compressed, narrow, tall, gothic, grotesque, newspaper, magazine, classic, geometric, corporate, strong, hairline, fat