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Heroic Condensed by Silas Dilworth, 16 fonts, $30 to $240

Heroic Condensed is an idealized, no-nonsense, narrow grotesque. From poster design to editorial layout, it is suitable for a wide range of uses and a worthy addition to any professional font collection.

Heroic Condensed is not simply a spin-off of an existing text family. It has been crafted from scratch with an original structural logic of its own—a fusion of pure geometry and optical balance. Horizontal strokes and terminal endings are governed by a strict framework of vertical measurements, but its curves straddle the divide between rigid, machined precision and warm humanism. The result is a steadfast, lean, and gentle typeface worthy of a broad array of messages.

The finer details have been honed to accommodate the acute and sublime workings of the human eye. Extensive adjustments and optical tests have been applied to the curves and angles of each letterform for even color and visual equality across a versatile range of eight weights. With careful consideration paid to the economy of letterspacing, the need for extensive kerning tables has been alleviated with streamlined glyph designs and a manually tuned matrix of sidebearings.

Heroic Condensed is further enhanced with Opentype Small Caps, Tabular Figures, Fractions, and the standard TypeTrust character set which includes a full array of Latin diacritics.

Release Date: May 11, 2008

Keywords: headline, compressed, narrow, tall, gothic, grotesque, newspaper, magazine, classic, geometric, corporate, strong, hairline, fat